Sand Castles


Fall seemed to be stalking northern Michigan today.  The weather was dismal; a howling wind made my windchimes clang, rain lashed at the windows, and the mercury barely made it into the mid-50s.  I donned a sweater, wool socks, brewed a cup of tea, and spent the afternoon reading.

It is still August but one week from today the calendar rolls over to September.  Harvests are coming in and our local Farmers Market is bursting at the seams with fresh vegetables, fragrant peaches, and juicy pears.  The first apples that let you know that soon we will begin that languorous slide into Autumn.  There are still many weeks of beautiful weather ahead but up North we are on notice that we had better cherish these last days of Summer.

Every child, young or old, who has spent time at the beach has grabbed a bucket, filled it with cool, wet, sand and built a sand castle.  Building these architectural fantasies, filled long sunny afternoons along the shore under a crystal blue sky and wheeling gulls.  Some creations are humble-just some sand packed down into a pail and flipped upside down; other are more elaborate-having multiple turrets, a moat, walls embedded with seashells,  opaque sea glass for windows, maybe a weathered piece of driftwood for a drawbridge.

Before Summer bids us adieu, I thought you might want to take a look at some surreal creations by sand architect, Matt Kaliner.  His works is featured in an article by Adrienne LaFrance in The Atlantic magazine.

Click here.

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